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Post by Atreya on Mon Oct 19, 2009 2:15 pm

Guild Rules

1. Loyality.... This Rule is the most Important....To remain Loyal with your guild. No guild hopping to be tolorated. If you decided to leave Reflection and join another guild, you will not be welcomed back. Also what happens in the guild stays in it. If we discover any kind of info leak the person or persons responsible will be instantly kicked.
2. Activity.... Those who display a pattern of guild inactivity will be warned and if inactivity still occurs without prior notice to Guild Leader. We are expecting our members to be active. Activity will be monitored weekly and people that remain inactive for more than 2 weeks will be kicked out. Of course we are not asking you to abandon your lives to play the game so if you are unable to log in for more than 2 weeks we ask that you inform the Guild Leaders. If that happens you will NOT be kicked.
3. Guild Events... Members are also obligated to attend as many scheduled guild events. Guild events takes a lot of time and planning. The least members can do is show up. We don't expect you to be in every single one of them or to come in hours you can't be in the game. We ask you to come if you are online at the moment though. People that will be seen online at the times and not attending many of them will be kicked out.
4. Foul Play...Members who actively perform activity for the sole purpose to ruining another's gaming fun will be warned and then kicked if behavior continues. Such activities such as monster pulling, teleporting one to a hazardous zone, camping a spawning area in PvP, and cheating have no role in an uber MMORPG guild setting. This type of foul play only brings a negative impact to the hard work we strive for in OUR Guild. Also no PKing our own faction. Transforming into monsters and attacking other Primus people will only bring drama and make us look bad to everyone. Whoever gets caught doing this will be kicked. If however you are PvPing someone that has AGREED to it this rule does not apply.
5. Stalking/Sexual Harassment/Misconduct..... of Sexual NatureMembers who engage in any harassment behavior of a sexual nature will be kicked out immediately. Reflection has no room for any predators, perverts or stalkers of any nature. Not only does it negatively impact Reflections public image and reputation, it also will cause an increase number of member departures from guild if this type of behavior is tolerated. My recommendations are to be firm with this anyone misbehaving in this particular aspect and to deal with the matter privately and swiftly before it becomes a big issue.
6. Required Level....When Guild is established there will be a level requirement to join Reflection.
7. Respect. That is one of our guild's major traits. That means no insulting or disrespecting any member in any way. If an argument arises you are expected to take it to whispers, party, normal chat and be resolved by the people involved. If that does not work then, and only then, contact one of the Guild Leaders and they'll try to work it out.
8. Teamwork...There is nothing more sad than a guild with its members not playing with each other. What would be the point of being in the same guild if there is no teamwork and cooperation? Therefore, it is vital to expect all your guild members to team and play together for a majority of the time. We want to see all of our members act as a whole as much as possible. This does not mean that we enforce you to party up with other people but people that will be doing that will be getting extra kudos.
9. HAVE FUN... Most of All

We the guild leaders and officers have a duty to maintain the guild. However, the social
roles of the guild members are also important. By cherishing your role in the guild, you can help make your guild better, smarter, prettier and stronger. Understand your responsibilities and how people will judge you.

The members are the players who can be relied upon for all guild event and missions. The best members are those who are reliable and consistent in game activity. Members should understand all the tactics and understand their role in the team hierarchy. Because there are so many members in the guild, their value is judged mostly on their game play. The strength and value of the member is defined by their understanding of the game and their actions in combat and teams. No one wants to play with a selfish player. On the other hand, everyone wants to play with a brave reliable member who understands his/her role in the team. Refine your game play skills and learn the various tactics important to Cloud Nine. Remain LOYAL to REFLECTION guild goals and you will enjoy the benefit of the guild..

"Never make someone a priority who considers you an option" Guild Rules Ref_Atr_sigv2sigkonmademe

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