Things you need to know b4 OB starts!

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Things you need to know b4 OB starts! Empty Things you need to know b4 OB starts!

Post by KonOkami on Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:33 pm

First of all we all wanna thank you for joining Reflection before even Open Beta starts. However there are some catches we'd like to make clear before that.
- The people that register in the forum and get accepted will get banned in Open Beta if they decide not to join us.
- The fact you were accepted in our forum does not make certain that you will be accepted in the guild when the time comes. Consider this time till then in here as a trial period. All members should abide by our guild rules posted here: and generally be the kind of person we are looking for. If you are rude, you seek power with ANY means (Including hurting people), or don't wanna be a part of a team but only be in it self gain etc. don't expect an invitation when the time comes. Of course these people will get banned as well.
We all want wish you good luck in anything you might decide after OB starts, be it with us or not ^_^

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